"Try again''

Plz read it full ?? I hope that you will learn in this lesson "try again" so guys don't be said if you fail in first attempt you should prove that education is not a shame full act so plzz guys sport me and like it
Inshallah I will post again In this type lesson

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The poem Try Again is a simple yet beautiful piece of literature by William Edward Hickson dealing with the behavior of human beings. The poet in this poem is a message of hope, courage and optimism while one is on the way to success. He is met by many obstacles and hardships. The poet advises not to renounce before the temporary hurdles which appears only to shake the courage of men. If one believe that he can, then he can surely overcome his fear and conquer the territory of success.

People do not fail, they just stop trying {Bud Boyd}

The poet also emphasizes on the fact that there is no disgrace to foul in the first attempt. Honest tries with steady efforts and little patience are always fruitful. The poet give us example of those great peoples who worked under tedious hostile and adverse circumstances and rose to the height of glory through their steadfastness and honestly. The poet advises never to yield before heavy odds. One need to make constant efforts and integrity and virtue temporary hardships are to be worn out by time. It is the perseverance and the will power blessed to human being which lets him go through the most miserable circumstances, one who has stanch faith in the blessing of hard work keep on trying and he can surely enjoy reward one day.

Try and try, until you get succeed

I hope that you will impress this title?❤️

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