My Mother Is a Best Teacher For Me In The World

My Mother Is a Best Teacher For Me In The World.
All I Need is Blessing of my mother and I am Always Success in My Work

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It is a common saying that god could not be present everywhere so he made mother. The saying is also true as the status of mother is not less than that of god. She is the one who gave us the life and made us stand on our own feet. She is the idol of selfless love and ever-ready for their kids despite being tired.

If I talk about my mother, she is the one on whom I can completely rely upon. She is the one who will never say no to our wishes and she is the one who never gets tired doing our daily chores. She never lets us feel the difference in love and showers equal amount of love and affection to all our siblings. My mother is like the sun that chases out all darkness and bestows the light of happiness and love upon us.

Definition of a Good Mother

Defining a good mother in few words is never an easy task. However in a very simple words we can say that a good mother is the one for whom her child is her world. There are many qualities which I see in my mother which makes her the worlds best mother. She loves her child strongly and deeply without any condition. Apart from showering her love of motherhood she also takes care of her child with a great responsibility.

She is the statue of forgiveness and forgives each and every mistake of ours and also ensures that we realize our mistakes and understand our responsibility. A good mother does every effort to make her child one in a million and sacrifices every comfort of her life so that her child could lead a comfortable life. The selfless love a mother showers on her children is the most valuable thing in this whole world which could never be replaced by anything.

Qualities of a Mother

There are certain natural qualities which already get inherited into a woman on acquiring motherhood. But there are also few qualities which are required for becoming a good mother. The major qualities of a mother are as follows:

  • Responsible

Acquiring motherhood comes with great responsibility. The responsibility of taking care of child before and after birth is one of the most important qualities of a mother. She is the one who takes care of her child since birth and nurtures him to stand on his own feet.

  • Selfless Love

A mother will always shower her children with her love without anything in return. She always loves her children selflessly in spite of their mischiefs. Her love towards her children always remains the same irrespective of her childs age.

  • Supportive

A mother should always be supportive to their children. She should always stand strong besides her children in all of their ups and downs. She should be always there to support her children in their rightful decisions and interests.

  • Patient

This is the quality which every mother should inculcate on acquiring motherhood. Dealing with kids always requires a high amount of patience as they are still in a growing phase and are not matured enough to understand things at one go. Hence they need to be reminded again and again till they understand and become responsible.

  • Empathetic

The ability to understand another persons feelings is called as empathy. A mother should be empathetic towards her child because unless you understand the feelings of your kid you will not be able to understand his/her issue.

Why Mother is Important in our Life?

The importance of mother could be easily understood from the fact that the first word uttered from the mouth of a child is ma ma. She is the source of life and the reason for our existence. She is the one who can happily sacrifice everything in her life just for the sake of her childs happiness. She is the first teacher of a child who introduces him to the world and the first best friend with whom we can share all our secrets.

Mothers are the backbone of every family who binds the whole family and unites it into a single but powerful entity. They give us the confidence to face the world and motivate us to achieve success in our life. They are the only one who will never have any ill thoughts against their children and always pray and hope better for them. A good mother acts like a sculptor who moulds her children into beautiful sculptures which are highly appreciated and respected in the society.


My mother is the holy creation of god and a source of providing life to us. She is a sacred statue of selfless love, sacrifices, forgiveness and patience. She is the guiding soul who helps us to progress on the right path and achieve success in our life. Mothers selfless love towards her children could never be replaced by anything in this world. We as her children should do our best to make her happy and comfortable all the time especially when she becomes old. It is our responsibility to bestow her with the same amount of love, care and understanding as she had showered on us when we were young.

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